Public Arts Advisory Committee


  • Meeting times are TBD


  • Shere Holleman, Member
  • Brenda Van Keuren, Member
  • Skylee Lindsey, Youth Member 
  • Tai Rogers, Member
  • Samantha Combs, Member
  • David Ross, Member
  • Vacant, Member

Membership Requirement

Seven Members serve on the Public Arts Committee with at least four members residing within the City of Cortez. One member is a youth member per Ordinance No. 1232 Series 2017. 

Mission, Vision, and Values

Mission Statement 
The Cortez Public Arts Advisory Committee is committed to enriching the cultural environment and experiences of the people of the City of Cortez through education, sustainable support, coordination and promotion of the arts.

Vision Statement
The Cortez Public Arts Advisory Committee is a community asset that affirms the value and necessity of arts as an integral component of the quality of life and the economy of the City of Cortez.  


  • Arts can be accessible to all.
  • We support all demographic groups.
  • Artists contribute to a thriving economy.
  • We respect our local artists and their need to earn a living.
  • We appreciate the City of Cortez and its quality of life.
  • We invite participation among our citizens, neighboring communities and visitors.
  • We support the art forms, categories, mediums, and types, including but not limited to the following: architecture, two-dimensional art, three-dimensional art, adornment, fiber arts, literature, music, performance art, and film.