K-9 Team

Mike and Otto

K-9 Otto is a 3 year old black and tan German Shepard who is a dual purpose K-9, certified in Patrol and Narcotics.  K-0 Otto is assigned to Officer Mike Moran.  K-9 Otto is Officer Moran's first K-9 and they have been working together for approximately a year and a half.  K-9 Otto came from a shelter in Colorado Springs after the original owners had aggression issues with him.  K-9 Otto and Officer Moran went to California and completed 200 hours of K-9 Patrol School in April 2015 through the Inglis Police Dog Academy.  Narcotics certification was completed in June, 2015 through Southwest Working K-9 Association.  K-9 Otto loves to train and work, and when not working he loves to play and hang out with the family.