Adoption Information


The Cortez Animal Shelter offers area residents a wonderful opportunity to adopt pets that are in need of a home. At any given time, the Cortez Animal Shelter has 15 - 25 cats and 16 - 20 dogs that are in need of a home. You can view our adoptable pets online.

Fees for animal adoptions are $85 for dogs, $45 for cats, and include the animal being spayed or neutered, the first set of shots and a free vet visit. There is also a $15 Microchip fee for every animal.

Lost Pets

If you have lost a pet, the Animal Shelter is a great place to start your search to have it returned. All animals impounded by the Cortez Police Department are taken to the Animal Shelter. Owners of impounded animals are required to pay a fee of $50 for dogs or $20 for cats to have their animal returned. The impound fee increases each time the animal is impounded. Proof of rabies vaccination must be presented upon collection of the animal. If no proof is available, a $25 deposit will be charged, which is refundable upon presentation of proof of vaccination within 10 days. You will also be required to leave a city license deposit if you live in city limits.


In addition to pet adoption and lost pet services, pet licenses can be purchased at the Animal Shelter. All cats and dogs within the City Limits of Cortez must be licensed. Fees for licenses are $10.00 for altered animals and $25.00 for unaltered animals.