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  1. High Turbidity

    On January 2, 2020, a flow meter measuring flow from one of the media filters at the Water Treatment Plant malfunctioned, allowing more flow than the filter normally handles, which caused the turbidity to spike for a short period of time. Read on...
  2. Cortez Airport Taxiway Shoulder Project Bid Notice

    Cortez Municipal Airport Cortez, Colorado Read on...
  3. Winter Wise Travel Tips from CDOT

    Know Before You Go and While on the Road Read on...
  4. Snow Removal Requirements

    With winter weather on its way, residents are reminded to use caution, whether driving or walking. Also remember that sidewalks need to be cleaned for pedestrian safety. For CDOT information on road conditions, go to https://www.cotrip.org/home.htm Read on...
  5. City RV Dump Station Closing

    The City RV Dump Station will be closing for the season on Monday, December 2, 2019. Read on...
  6. Traffic Lights on Main Street

    Traffic lights and crosswalk signals are regulated by CDOT. Read on...
  7. How to Dispose of Hot Ashes

    Everyone loves a cozy fire in the winter, but fires can be dangerous. Warm ashes have the potential to start another fire if not disposed of properly. By discarding wood and ash carefully, or recycling ashes around the house, you can enjoy a fire safely. Read on...
  8. A sunset over cortez

    KSJD Live Cam

    View a live feed from atop the KSJD Radio Station at the intersection of Main and Market Streets in downtown Cortez. Cortez Live Cam
  9. A native american ceremony

    KSJD Community Calendar

    Get information about local announcements, classes, and other upcoming events by viewing the KSJD Community Calendar. Read More
  10. A native american ceremony

    KSJD Community Calendar

    News lead in dsecription Read More