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Maps Available Online
City maps are now available online:

    • Zoning Map: Shows current zoning designations, subdivision boundaries, road right-of-ways, and lot numbers. This map complements the city of Cortez Land Use Code which is now on-line.

    • City of Cortez Area of Influence: The city's three-mile "Area of Influence" buffer as well as road and land ownership designations throughout Montezuma County.

    • Location Maps: RV Dump Station & Water Dock, City Offices, County Offices
Information Concerning the City of Cortez Lots and Parcels.

    • Montezuma County Clerk and Recorder’s Office - Property information such as land use permits, septic permits, and exemptions.

    • Montezuma County Property Records Inquiry - Property information such as Ownership, Address, Parcel Number, Tax District, and Taxable Values.

    • Montezuma County GIS Viewer – Aerial Photography and Parcel Information.     

NOTE: The most current ownership and tax information can be found at the Montezuma County Assessor’s Office.

Public Works has established fees to cover expenses for materials and cost of services. They can be viewed in the current Council Fee Resolution for Public Works Services and Materials.

This information is a product of the City of Cortez Geographic Information System, and is prepared for presentation purposes only. The City of Cortez does not warrant, guarantee, or accept any liability for the accuracy, precision, or completeness of any information contained herein or for any inferences made therefrom. Any use made of this information is solely at your own risk; the City of Cortez makes no warranty, express or implied, and any statement by any employee of the City of Cortez or agents thereof to the contrary is null and void. The information shall not be resold, replicated, or redistributed, in any manner other than print, to any other person, company, or agency, without the express written consent of the City of Cortez.