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Animal Services
Explore the animal shelter in Cortez to find a new best friend to take home.

Area Maps
Search for fun local destinations around Cortez in area maps.

Events Calendar
Discover new things to do and different activities that are happening in our community in the events calendar.

Check out some FAQs about the City of Cortez.

HEAL Campaign

History of City
Learn about the history of the City of Cortez and how it has impacted us and brought us to where we are today.

Job/Volunteer Opportunities
Gain information about available job opportunities.


Stay up to date with the news that is buzzing around Cortez.

Parks & Recreation
Cortez Parks and Recreation offers a wide variety of activities for all ages

Photo Gallery
View the photo gallery for many photos of Cortez.

Refuse & Recycling
Discover what to do with your garbage and recyclable items.

Road Closures
Seek out road closures to make it a smooth ride to Cortez for yourself.

Find out about the schools in Cortez.

Staff Directory
Look through the staff directory to find an abundant staff ready to help you and answer your questions.

State, Federal & Local Resources
Learn about what is obtainable by citizens and visitors of Cortez in state, federal and local resources.

Check out what the weather is like in Cortez.