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The Public Works Department/Water Division is responsible for delivering high quality water to the citizens of Cortez for household uses, yard irrigation, and business uses. Cortez is blessed with an excellent water source with which to begin water treatment.

The City water treatment plant is a conventional plant utilizing coagulation, flocculation basins, sedimentation, triple-media filters, and chlorination. All water processed by the treatment plant is from McPhee Reservoir.  To view a copy of the latest CCR (Consumer Confidence Report) click here.

A copy of this year's water conservation brochure is also available.

The water distribution system is planned and sized to provide for home and business uses, as well as fire protection. The minimum size distribution line installed in residential areas is a six-inch (6") line. Commercial area and feeder lines are usually eight and twelve inch diameter lines.

The City has an aggressive water line replacement program to replace lines that may be starting to deteriorate or are not up to the City's standards. Materials of existing water lines include cast-iron, ductile iron, and C-900 PVC.

Fees from residents and commercial users pay for the expenses incurred to operate the Water Division. As an "enterprise" fund, no extra financial support is needed from the City's general fund.  To view a copy of current water rates, click here