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Arrests that are made within the City of Cortez city limits and served with a municipal summons, where the defendant is taken into custody, he or she may bond out through the options listed below:

  1. Post bond through the Cortez Municipal Court Office, located at City Hall, 2l0 East Main Street in Cortez.  Cortez Municipal Court can be reached at 970-565-7952
  2. Post bond at the Montezuma County Sheriff's Office/Jail, located at 730 East Driscoll in Cortez.  Montezuma County Sheriff's Office/Jail can be reached at 970-565-8452.
  3. Post bond through a bail bondsman. See local list below.

Clint Simmons                                 
P.O. Box 155                                    
Lewis, Colorado 8l327           
Ph:  970-739-1968 

Bud Winbourn
11050 C.R. 24
Cortez, Colorado 81321
Ph:  970-565-4734

Harold Randolph
P.O. Box 108
Cortez, Colorado 81321
Ph:  970-739-3027

Defendant's are given a return date of the next scheduled court date. Cortez Municipal Court is only held on Monday mornings.