SB 152 Internet Ballot

City HAll

All voters within the City of Cortez will be asked Question 1:

Without increasing taxes, shall the authority of the City of Cortez to provide high-speed internet services (advanced services), telecommunication services, and cable television services (as defined in Title 29, Article 27, Part 1, Colorado Revised Statutes) be affirmed and reestablished, with such services to be provided either directly or indirectly with public or private sector partners to potential subscribers that may include telecommunications service providers, residential and commercial users, public and non-profit entities, and other users, without limiting its home rule authority?

This election is a natural next step in providing enhanced internet service to the entire community.

For more information on this upcoming election on June 8, 2020 please go to the following links.


Ballot Question

SB 152 Ordinance