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UPCOMING EVENT!!!!! Fall IS for Planting! SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 14 at 10 am

Although many people associate the spring season with planting time, there’s another season that is a fabulous time to plant - the fall. September, October, and sometimes into November can actually be better months to plant some things. The ground is warm from the summer sun but the air has begun to cool down which lessens the transplant shock and makes it a perfect time to install many perennials, trees, and shrubs. With others such as bulbs, fall pansies, and mums, fall is the only season in which these items can be planted.

Join Vic on Saturday, September 14th at 10 am for this informative seminar that covers what, how and when to plant your fall beauties. We’ll cover great fall perennials, which trees and shrubs do best when planted now, bulbs that need to be planted in order to winter over, which veggies can still be planted to yield a crop, and why fall mums and pansies are fabulous!