K-9 Teams

Frank and Dusty

Dusty came all the way from Germany to make his home in Cortez. Officer Frank Kobel and Dusty met in California and attended the Inglis K-9 Academy led by Dave, Debbie, and Daniel Inglis. They completed the 200 hour course and are continuing their training in Cortez. Dusty is trained for patrol and narcotics. He loves to go to work.

Frank and Dusty are members of the National Police Dog Foundation. In fact, it is with the help of the NPDF that the Cortez Police Department was able to obtain such an awesome K-9.


Mike and Otto

K-9 Otto is a 3 year old black and tan German Shepard who is a dual purpose K-9, certified in Patrol and Narcotics.  K-0 Otto is assigned to Officer Mike Moran.  K-9 Otto is Officer Moran's first K-9 and they have been working together for approximately a year and a half.  K-9 Otto came from a shelter in Colorado Springs after the original owners had aggression issues with him.  K-9 Otto and Officer Moran went to California and completed 200 hours of K-9 Patrol School in April 2015 through the Inglis Police Dog Academy.  Narcotics certification was completed in June, 2015 through Southwest Working K-9 Association.  K-9 Otto loves to train and work, and when not working he loves to play and hang out with the family.

Mike and Otto