Cortez Municipal Airport serves Cortez and the entire Montezuma County area. Airport elevation is 5,914 feet.

As of October 1, 2016, Boutique Air is the airline serving the community’s commercial aviation needs. For information regarding flights in the Cortez area, or to purchase airline tickets, one can call the nationwide number at 855-268-8478, reach a counter agent in Cortez at 415-650-7215, or go to Boutique Air.

Residents have found success with competitive pricing options at Lonely Planet, Smart Fares, and Orbitz.

A full service Fixed Base Operator (FBO), Cortez Flying Service, can be reached at 970-565-3721. The FBO is located at midfield featuring Jet-A and 100LL fuels.

Runway Specifications

The runway is a porous friction course surface 100 feet wide by 7,205 feet long; with pilot controlled medium intensity lighting. Unicom frequency is 122.80, monitored by the FBO during daylight hours. There are three wind socks, one at each end and at runway center; all three are lighted. A full length parallel taxiway with four runway connectors provides maximum pilot convenience. Aircraft needing fuel beyond the regular hours should make arrangements with the flying service before arrival. The overhead view of the airport is a spectacular sight to see.